Within the skateboarding community there are a number of subcultures that coexist to make the whole culture what it is. The three main subcultures include: skateboarding, graffiti/art, and music. These subcultures utilize various platforms that highlight these activities and the elements happening within them such as, zines, publications, videos, and events. With that said, there is always room for improvement with both the delivery of content and how this content is being displayed. Almost every publication in the skateboard culture is the same after stripping down the name and elaborate decorations. Publications have interviews, photos and stories, which are a one-way conversation that do not allow for a push in community building. 
Skateboarding, although regarded as an individual activity, holds a huge community within it that stretches to every corner of the world. It is this connection that I want to further strengthen using a zine that not only has a stronger influence on community and interactiveness, but also challenges traditional design methods and online communication platforms. This allows there to be a new and unseen attitude in this currently oversaturated industry. The final outcome of the project is to highlight the many individuals that never get to be seen, due to the few that do get focused on, and allow for the strengthening and unity of this preexisting community of delinquents. 

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